AExMe Council Supports National Voter Registration Day

​To help get out the vote, the AExME Council has launched a collection of voter empowerment tees in honor of National Voter Registration Day! Designed by the guys on the AExME Council, 100% of t-shirt sales will benefit HeadCount, a national bi-partisan organization that we’re partnering with to promote participation in democracy.

Fueled by the passion of our customers, we are committed to providing young people with the resources to make the most informed decisions possible as they head to the polls. Over the next year, we’ll be focusing on active participation—voter registration, voter turnout and courageous conversations.

Everyone has a voice, and everyone is equal when we vote! Click here to check out the AE blog where the AExME Council share their inspiration.

To register to vote, get an absentee ballot, find your polling place, verify that you’re registered, or find any other information, visit HeadCount’s website!

Stay up-to-date with our efforts to get out the vote by following along on @American Eagle on Instagram!

About Headcount

Headcount is a non-partisan organization that translates the power of music into real action by staging voter registration drives at concerts across the country. Since 2004, HeadCount has registered over 607,000 voters and has a network of more than 20,000 volunteers across the country.  The organization hosts voter registration drives at concerts and online, making registering to vote super easy and accessible for young voters.  They partner with more than 100 touring musicians and over 75 festivals, registering people to vote almost daily!