WWD: American Eagle Introduces ‘Mood’ CBD Wellness Line

The company is launching on Oct. 1 a line of affordable, CBD personal-care and bath products exclusively at American Eagle stores.

By Obi Anyanwu | Link to article

American Eagle is looking to help teens and young adults combat stressors and practice self-care with the launch of Mood, the company’s new wellness and personal care product line, on Oct. 1.

Teens are becoming more vocal about the stress in their lives, whether it be their grades, friendships, family life and social media. A poll from social network After School found that 45 percent of high school students feel they’re stressed “all the time” due primarily to their relationships and teachers. Pew Research Center released a survey in February that found that teens between the ages 13 and 17 believe anxiety and depression is a major problem among people their age.

“Kids are definitely stressed out today between social media and doing well in school and in sports and we want kids to feel encouraged to reset and feel calm and ready to go,” said Chad Kessler, American Eagle global brand president. “We see so much research and feedback that kids feel stressed and need to relax and reenergize. CBD is an ingredient that people are seeing as a way to do that.”

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, a natural substance found in cannabis plants, is being used by adults for relaxation, stress/anxiety relief, sleep or muscle and joint pain relief, according to the Harris Poll, and as an ingredient in skin-care and beauty products.

Mood offers 45 genderless personal-care products, bath essentials and nutrient-rich items that lock in moisture, such as body lotion, hand cream, face and aromatherapy oil, pillow mist, lip salve, bath bombs, sugar scrubs and foaming face wash. Products feature different scents like vanilla and eucalyptus that “can enhance your mood,” said Kessler, and names like “Chill,” “Energized” and “zZz” that resonate with the Gen Z consumer, who is excited to learn more about CBD.

“There’s a lot of convo around CBD. For a lot of our customers, this may be the first time they experience this ingredient,” said Kessler.

Mood offers skin-care products, but is best described as a wellness brand. Kessler said Mood is “not a solutions brand” but was produced with “experienced formulators” at Green Growth Brands. The Toronto-based company was founded in 2018 and makes and tests all of its CBD products, which are sourced from U.S.-based, licensed hemp processors

The new line is targeted to AE’s core consumer: teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25. Real kids had unscripted interviews about pressure and self-care routines with the brand for its campaign. Every product in the affordable range — prices go from $7.95 to $19.95 —  is an exclusive formula that comes in recyclable packaging, which is in line with the company’s sustainability initiative.

Though people use CBD oil or eat gummies for their ailments and anxieties, Kessler said Mood will stay away from edibles, and will eventually move away from CBD.

“CBD seems to be gaining traction and coming more into the mainstream,” said Kessler, “but we’ll have CBD and non-CBD.”

He added about the products, “Everything we do is about the customer. We really tried to make sure the products represent value. At this point our current plans is to keep Mood exclusive to American Eagle and we’re excited to see how the brand can grow.”