Open Job Spotlight: Coordinator, Store Experience

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The Store Experience team’s #1 focus is PEOPLE – store associates, to be exact! As a part of the AEO Store Operations department based in our Pittsburgh headquarters, the Store Experience team is focused on creating best-in-class training and development for our associates across the U.S. and Canada.

The team is excited to announce an open position on the team – Coordinator, Store Experience. We sat down with Rachel, Lead, Store Experience to understand more about the role and the team.

What does your team do and how do they support stores?

Our team…the name kind of speaks for itself! For us, it’s all about the experience we can cultivate, create and build for our store teams. We produce all leadership and associate training content in addition to creating fun ways to incentivize and recognize our amazing associates. We are a team of learners and innovators that are constantly looking at ways to improve. It’s our job to give store teams the tools to create the best in-store experience for their guests!

How does this role support the team?

This role has a mix of execution based tasks combined with some more creative projects. It will help support in contest creation for our store teams, re-building our core learning programs in AE and Aerie as well as assisting in the sustainability of our learning platform and associate recognition programs.

What are some cool projects your team has previously worked on?

We were so excited to launch AEO Academy, a digital learning management system, to store teams this year! This platform creates a one stop shop for both leadership and associate training. Our team also manages an associate app to create a community within the store, allowing teams to give and receive recognition from their team. We’ve also crafted a phenomenal training strategy to teach our associates how to sell with tons of research behind it. In addition, we have programs to allow our associates to grow within their role in the store… programs that this new coordinator would be able to work on revamping! We’ve even helped get a 500 person store influencer program off the ground!

What would make someone a strong candidate for this role?

Passion and creativity are key! A strong candidate for this role would be someone who can think outside the box and is passionate about customer service – whether the “customer” is a guest in the store or a member of our store team! We are storytellers, so if you love writing in your spare time, even better!

What makes your team special or unique?

The people. 100%! Our team has the amazing ability to connect with over 40,000 associates in everything that we create, communicate and share. Our training makes a direct impact! Because of this, we value inclusion and belonging on this team. We are a team who cares – about our store teams, about each other and about making sure everyone is allowed an equal opportunity to share ideas, give feedback, rise to the challenge, and even make mistakes. We are our biggest champions and challengers. Teamwork is everything. (Can you tell that I’m smiling while answering this?!)

If you’re interested in the Coordinator, Store Experience role, click here to apply. For current AEO associates, speak to your supervisor or HRBP to express interest in the role and for information on next steps.

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