Sourcing Journal: Sustainable Ethos on Display at AE77’s Second Store

By Angela Velasquez | Link to article

Reclaimed materials, sustainable packaging and local design are some of the elements in AE77’s second store that underscore the new brand’s focus on sustainability.

Located 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia at the King of Prussia mall, the 2,600-square-foot unit opened Wednesday offering the AEO, Inc.-owned brand’s full range of men’s and women’s denim, apparel and accessories.

The company introduced AE77 in September as a premium-tier brand with a denim range “meant to be lived in, repaired and recycled” at its core. At the time of the launch, Jay Schottenstein, AEO Inc. CEO and executive chairman of the board, described AE77 as a concept that leverages the company’s leadership in jeans and capitalizes on its innovation in style, fit and sustainability practices.

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