AEO Celebrates Latinx/Latine Heritage Month: Jesse, District Leader in Transition

From September 15 through October 15, AEO is celebrating Latinx/Latine Heritage Month – a time to recognize the important contributions of U.S. citizens whose ancestors immigrated from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Throughout the month, AEO is highlighting our associates by celebrating, sharing and learning about their traditions and cultures!

Tell us about your role at AEO.

I have worked at AEO for six year and am currently a District Leader in Transition, covering Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for the American Eagle brand. I report to our Senior District Team Leader, Norma, who is a member of the company’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) store council and truly an inspiration! 

What’s your favorite part of working at AEO?

My favorite part about working at AEO is knowing that I can have an impact on our associates and guests everyday. I have a passion for teaching and love when I have the opportunity to develop one of our associates, whether a new AE Brand Ambassador or a tenured Store Team Leader. I strongly believe it is important to keep learning, developing and growing. I also love having the opportunity to have an impact on our customers. There is nothing like helping someone find that perfect pair of jeans or going above and beyond to elevate the guest experience for our customers.

What does Latinx Heritage Month mean to you?

Latinx Heritage Month means having the opportunity for all of us to celebrate how unique our culture is and to celebrate all of the traditions that are linked to our culture. The different music, food, clothing, and traditions that are connected to Latinx heritage make our culture unique and exciting.

We’d love to hear more about your culture and any traditions you have!

My parents are of Mexican descent, and I am very proud of my culture because of the “value of family” that it represents.

I come from a big family and love every moment that we get to spend together – eating, dancing, celebrating. Whatever the occasion, big or small, we appreciate and support each other and always enjoy each other’s company.

One of my favorite family traditions is a very simple tradition, yet it is very meaningful to me. Every Christmas evening, we all meet at my uncle’s house to visit and eat Menudo for dinner. This time spent together is always special, and it is my hope that my children continue these same traditions in the future.

How do you get the chance to celebrate your heritage at work?

I celebrate my heritage at AEO everyday by working with such a diverse group of associates. Our teams are composed of many different people, representing many different cultures. Our guests are also very diverse and it is this diversity that makes AEO and our brands so special.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am thankful for the values my parents instilled in me. My father served in the United States Army and taught me the value of hardwork and respect. My mother instilled the value of grit and perseverance.