Meet an AEO Legend: Rose, SR Coordinator – IT Purchasing

Through her 45 years of service, Rose has been with AEO since the beginning!

This months marks the 45th anniversary of AEO, and Rose, SR Coordinator – IT Purchasing has been with the company through it all. We sat down with Rose to chat about her time at AEO.

Tell us about your favorite memory working at AEO. 

I really enjoyed all of the volunteer events I’ve participated in at AEO, especially Community Day! I’ve done so many, but way back when, we were able to bring our family with us to volunteer, so my daughter would join me and we had the best time. Unfortunately because of back surgery, I wasn’t able to participate in Community Day for the past two years, but I’m excited to get back out there. I also really enjoyed the yearly Diwali event, and am happy it’s coming back this year!

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on?

A main part of my job is helping IT people purchase and pay invoices and guide them on how to navigate our platforms. I love working together with teams to help train them on our programs, especially since they are used by many associates.

What do you love from our brands?

I wear AE stuff daily – my daughter and I really love our products! It’s great because we can always find stuff we want. We both love Aerie leggings and sweatshirts – especially in the winter. I actually just bought Crocs on the site for my daughter!

What do you feel makes AEO special that you’ve stayed here for 45 years?

AEO is committed to giving back to our communities. I really appreciate how the company has maintained that commitment over the years. There is also a focus on inclusion and a dedication to people. I love the people I work with, and I appreciate the flexibility I have working here. I’ve worked at AEO through so many phases of my life and have always had the flexibility to balance work/life, which means a lot to me.

If you can give advice to a new hire, what would it be? Any words of wisdom!

It’s important to work hard but also play hard – balance is key. It’s also important to be a team player – we all want what’s best for each other!