AEO ICON Finalist: Jason, Sr Director – Distribution Operations

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. We are proud to spotlight the top three finalists for the 2022 AEO ICON.

Meet Jason Bruno, Sr Director – Distribution Operations and 2022 ICON nominee. 

Jason stumbled into the Supply Chain industry by accident 24 years ago when he took a part-time job loading trailers in-between Youth Pastor roles. His passion to make change in the DC environment has kept him at AEO for more than 16 years.

Jason joined AEO in 2006 as a Retail Packing Supervisor. Throughout his career, he has continually led transformational projects that evolve our Distribution Center (DC) operations while increasingly taking on responsibility and making a positive impact on the company. 

In his current role as Sr Director – Ottawa Distribution Operations, Jason leads a team of more than 700 associates, shipping out nearly 90 million units annually to our customers and stores. He was promoted into the leadership role of the Ottawa DC in 2019 and shortly thereafter was put to the test in March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our DCs were the heart of our company during those early months of the pandemic, and Jason never hesitated to lead his team, ensuring goods were received and orders were shipped to our customers. He and his team delivered their targets while ensuring the safety of associates.

His natural curiosity to continually improve the efficiency of the operation speaks volumes to his strength of innovation.

Congratulations, Jason!