AdAge: Ad World in Israel – How Brands, Ad Tech Firms and Agencies are Responding to the War

By: Garett Sloane and Aleda Stam | Link to article

American Eagle turned its flagship Times Square billboard into a sign of support for Israel.

On Sunday, a lone message of a bright Israeli flag stuck out among the digital billboard overload in New York’s Times Square. The billboard of the flag, with the familiar blue horizontal stripes and Star of David, had no words—but the message was clear support for Israel from American Eagle, the clothing retailer, which is running the signage at its flagship.

It was just one of the few ways that brands, advertisers, agencies and ad tech companies have been spreading messages of support for Israel after the terrorist attack against the country over the weekend.

Craig Brommers, American Eagle’s chief marketing officer, posted a photo of American Eagle’s Israeli flag billboard on LinkedIn, and received messages of sympathy from many people in the ad industry. “We just told our daughters (already big fans of American Eagle and Aerie) that they can buy whatever they want from your brands,” wrote Seth Klugherz, VP  of marketing at Haribo. “Very impressive.”

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