AEO Announces 2024 Steven A. Davis Scholarship for Social Justice Recipients

AEO’s Steven A. Davis Scholarship for Social Justice is a $5 million commitment to advance educational opportunities for associates who are actively driving anti-racism, equality and social justice initiatives. Since the launch in 2021, we have awarded more than $1 million to 59 associate scholars who share our passion for creating a more equal and inclusive society.

We are thrilled to announce our fourth round of associates who turn their passion for advocacy into action to advance inclusivity and equity within their schools and communities.

Meet the 2024 recipients below!

Camila is a part-time Sales Associate in Canada with plans to enroll at the University of Carleton for Political Science in the fall. Her family is originally from Colombia, and their experience as immigrants has helped shape her understanding of the world around her. Camila is passionate about volunteering and has coordinated several events in her community for those in need.

“Change to me looks like a wave of unity and hope to make the world an equitable and safe place.”

Enki is a part-time Brand Ambassador who plans to pursue Biology at Ohio State and ultimately become a physician. Outside of school, Enki spends his time volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Teen Leadership, and his local crisis center. Passionate about sharing his experiences, advocating, and being a role model for his peers and the next generation, Enki lives by the motto, “Leaving your mark isn’t for you, it’s a gift to those who come after.”

Enrique is a part-time Brand Ambassador and class of 2024 graduate. During his time in high school, he served as the Vice President of the Allies Club– a student group that provides events and programming for LGBTQIA+ students while creating a safe space for all. Enrique plans to attend the University of Southern California in the fall.

“I am excited about my education path because as I seek to explore every possible discipline, I know that whatever I do, I will remain committed to creating a more equitable world. That is my passion.”

Fatema is a part-time Brand Ambassador in Canada currently studying Accounting at Bow Valley College. During her time out of school, Fatema is a volunteer interpreter within the Afghan community and a volunteer within Fresh Routes, a not-for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to make healthy and affordable food accessible to Canadians, especially those who need it the most.

“Change for me means to be able to be the same woman in Afghanistan as I am in Canada, with all opportunities and support”

Lauren is a part-time Merchandising Lead and is pursuing a degree in Sociology and Social Sciences from Athabasca University. She is dedicated to LGBTQ+ rights, and was a founding member of her high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance, helping organize student-led protests and walkouts. She has also been a committed member of the Girl Guides of Canada and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Following her undergraduate degree, Lauren hopes to become a Librarian and continue to play an active role in her community.

“To me, real change starts when we begin to learn from one another, break down barriers of intolerance and injustice, and strengthen our community from the inside out.”

Lia is a part-time Brand Ambassador and a rising Junior at Howard University, majoring in Psychology. Her work in social justice started with co-founding her High School’s first Black Student Union. She currently serves as the Public Relations Chair for Howard University Generation Action, a student organization that advocates for reproductive justice and health education and remains an active member of her school’s chapter of Black Girls Vote, promoting civic engagement among youth. In her free time, Lia volunteers with a local after-school program that supports low-income students through food insecurity along with offering a helping hand in their academic work.

“I am excited about my education path because it allows my passions for mental healthcare and social justice to intersect!”

Lillian is a Brand Ambassador and incoming freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University in Fall 2024, pursuing Forensic Science with the goal of being a Medical Examiner. Lillian is an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and uses her school projects and extracurricular activities to bring awareness to issues for queer youth.

“I hope that in this new stage of my life I can incite change and make our nation a safer place for all queer youth.”

Lorraine is a part-time Brand Ambassador currently studying Sociology at Brown University. She works with Refugee Youth Solidarity through Education to measure program impact and help the organization promote their work and has participated in Teen Court with a goal of promoting rehabilitation for youth in the criminal justice system.

Luciana is a part-time Brand Ambassador and a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, studying Physiology and Neurobiology. Outside of school, Luciana mentors youth through the SAVE program and has served as an EMT in her community.

“I am excited to receive this scholarship because I feel that it will show all my fellow first-gen students and Latinos that anything is possible if we treat the sky as the limit.”

Lucy is a part-time Brand Ambassador planning to pursue Kinesiology at Miami University in Fall 2024. She founded a Students Demand Action chapter at her school; the group has successfully campaigned for gun-sense candidates and attended rallies and meetings with state and local representatives.

“I am very excited to have received this scholarship and I hope to use this award to continue to advocate for and make change!”

Malachi is a part-time Brand Ambassador and class of 2024 graduate. Following his Spring 2024 graduation, Malachi plans to attend Ohio State University and major in Biology with the intent to pursue a career in healthcare. In school, he served as part of his school’s Teen Leadership group, working to identify community issues and find creative, inclusive solutions.

Maryyam is a part-time Brand Ambassador who plans to pursue Biochemistry at Penn State. Passionate about bringing people together from all backgrounds and experiences, Maryyam organized a multicultural night for her school’s Global Scholars group and has worked with her school’s Girls Learn International (GLI) chapter.

“My social justice work has allowed me to connect with and give to my community; I hope that as I move on to college that work follows me.”

Mikaylin is a part-time Brand Ambassador who plans to study Health Sciences with a focus on Occupational Therapy following her Spring 2024 high school graduation. As the class Vice President and Vice President for her school’s Black Student Union, Mikaylin has used her leadership to advocate for change for marginalized students.

“Change to me looks like people having the uncomfortable-yet-necessary conversations. No one should be afraid to express their dislike for current systems. Challenge the systems and reinvent them!”

Natasha is a sophomore majoring in Psychology at the College of Southern Nevada with plans to transfer to UCLA or a HBCU in 2025. She serves as the student body president and Vice President of the Black Student Union and is dedicated to advocating for equal access for minorities- with a focus on researching and implementing changes to SNAP benefits and FAFSA.

“My social justice work holds significance as there is a scarcity of individuals who resemble me engaging in similar endeavors.”

Paschaline is a part-time Brand Ambassador and graduated high school during the Spring of 2024. She is going to the University of Alberta for a BA in Psychology and a minor in Cell Biology with a certificate in Globalization and Governance to eventually pursue her law degree. She served as part of her school’s Mosaic Club, a group that focuses on inclusivity and equality for people of color.

Rylee is a part-time Senior Brand Ambassador and class of 2024 graduate who intends to major in Marketing at Butler University. An avid participant in theater and marching band, Rylee credits her experience playing Harriet Tubman in a marching band competition with expanding her knowledge of inclusion and understanding of history.

Sarah is a part-time Brand Ambassador and a rising sophomore at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, studying Accounting with a concentration in Information Management. Sarah is a dedicated volunteer for the Ethiopian Community Association in Nashville. Passionate about public policy, Sarah participated in a program where she attended multiple Knoxville City Council meetings, met with local lawmakers and participated in discussions on how to make the city a more equitable place for its citizens.

Shivgeet is a part-time Brand Ambassador and third-year student at the University of Alberta with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She served as part of the Youreka program, mentoring and leading high school students through research projects and has been an executive that facilitates the program for the past two years. Passionate about mental health, Shivgeet has volunteered as a peer support listener and on a crisis hotline.

“Change to me looks like creating supportive communities where everyone has equitable access to the resources they need to thrive.”

Tabor is a part-time Brand Ambassador who plans to pursue Biology at Vanderbilt University with a goal of enrolling in medical school. She has done work with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and presented at TEDxBoulder on mental health.

“My social justice work is important because in our modern society, we are surrounded by diet-culture influenced content that heavily misshapes our interpretation of beauty. By redefining the concept of beauty and health, we can create a happier and healthier world.”