AEO ICON Finalist: Marc Lambo, Senior Director- Associate Experience & Communication

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. Over the next several weeks we will spotlight the top three finalists for the 2019 AEO ICON.

Meet Marc Lambo, Sr. Director of Associate Experience and Store Communication. Marc was chosen as an 2019 AEO ICON finalist for exemplifying AEO’s core values of People, Integrity, Passion, Innovation and Teamwork.

In 2019, Marc led a variety of initiatives that innovated the way our field team operates and created an almost entirely digital associate experience. He was able to push the boundaries of what his team and the field organization were capable of doing by honing in on what matters most and ensuring we are executing as leaders in the retail marketplace.

Marc leads a variety of teams under the Store Operations umbrella, including Store Experience, Training, Video Production, Visual Production, Store Communication and Workload Planning. He empowers not only his team, but the people around him to think big and make big things happen. Under his leadership, each of his teams have been able to move forward on projects that have changed the way our field teams operate for the better. His reach extends all the way to our Brand Ambassadors working in each and every store. Marc’s innovation and passion impacts everything from how our stores teams start their shift, their understanding of AEO Inc.’s vision and purpose, and their motivation to drive results and celebrate success. This deep understanding of what it means to lead with PEOPLE is a quality that few leaders possess.

Congratulations to Marc on this much deserved nomination!