AEO ICON Finalist: Mat L., Manager, Product Management

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. This marks the last of our spotlights on the top three finalists for the 2021 AEO ICON.

AEO is proud to introduce Mat, Manager, Product Management and 2021 AEO ICON Finalist! In his role, Mat is an innovative and strategic technology partner who manages shared services product initiatives and projects.

Mat joined AEO in February 2020, approximately one month before the company pivoted to a hybrid corporate workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, he has been dedicated to ensuring associates have the technology to effectively respond to the rapidly evolving future of work. Being a new hire didn’t stop Mat – he hit the ground running, quickly producing helpful aids for using Webex, VPN and other tools that allowed our teams a smooth transition to remote work. Mat is continually thinking of ways to improve the associate experience as the company continues to operate and adapt to new ways of working.

In late 2020, Mat conducted a comprehensive review of AEO’s productivity tools and led a cross-functional focus group before choosing Google as a solution to support our Future of Work initiative. He has led the company-wide shift to Google by interacting and collaborating with teams who oversee AEO’s technical integration, change management/communication, legal/policy changes, subcontracting and more.

Beyond Google and Webex, Mat established the product management team and implemented processes within shared services that simplify how we work and how others work with the Technology department. He has done all of this in a manner that exemplifies our values – People, Passion, Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork –  while effectively supporting our company strategies.

Outside of AEO, Mat is a family man and music lover. He is involved in a variety of organizations and professional alliances, including the Product Marketing Alliance, the Scrum Alliance, and the Allegheny Allies – an employee resource organization dedicated to building a more diverse Pittsburgh region. However, what he’s really dedicated to is finding a way to eat more brunch and hear less Nickelback on the radio!

Thank you, Mat, for your leadership and contributions to AEO! Congratulations on your nomination!