AEO Celebrates Our Veterans: Robin, U.S. Navy

At the very heart of AEO is our PEOPLE. Our associates are REAL. They’re authentic, resilient, and optimistic – each with their own story. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re proud to spotlight our associates who served in the armed forces. We’re thankful for their service! 

Meet Robin, U.S. Navy!

Tell us about your role at AEO.

I started my career at AEO in 2016 and work in the photo studio with the retouching team. It’s an incredibly talented group of people that I’m proud to work with!  

What made you want to join the military? 

I was raised in Butler, PA and graduated in the mid 80s when jobs were relatively scarce. An economic downturn caused many people to look elsewhere for careers. The military was an option for me.

What’s your proudest moment serving in the military? 

I honestly can’t point to one specific moment, but I am incredibly proud of my service. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help pave the way for women to continue to climb through the ranks. Women in service have had to work incredibly hard to simply be considered equal, and I’m proud to have been a part of that.  

What does being a Veteran mean to you? 

I belong to a sisterhood/brotherhood that is like no other. There will always be an innate sense of duty to this country.  

How do you get to use your military experience as an associate at AEO?  

Having a solid work ethic, taking responsibility, and consistently working toward solutions. These are values that I learned throughout my military career that I believe translate fully into the corporate world at AEO.