AEO ICON Finalist: Dillon, Divisional Merchandise Manager – AE Factory

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. We are proud to spotlight the top three finalists for the 2023 AEO ICON.

Meet Dillon, Divisional Merchandise Manager – AE Factory and 2023 AEO ICON nominee.

Dillon’s leadership in the AE Factory strategy significantly boosted financial performance and helped to strengthen the company’s bottom line. His approach to cross-functional teamwork is truly second to none and the strategies that he has helped put into place are set to see benefits for years to come.

In 2023, Dillon took initiative on one of his shared passions with AEO – Pride! He was an instrumental force in elevating our representation of Pride throughout the entire year. Dillon’s innovative ideas and new ways of thinking are an inspiration to his team and all those around him.

In addition to the outstanding accomplishments he has had at AEO, Dillon is an adventure junkie, spontaneous traveler, intellectual reader and Bravo TV aficionado.

Learn more about Dillon and who he is beyond AEO below!