AEO ICON Finalist: Chrissy, Vice President – Procurement and Transformation

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. We are proud to spotlight the top three finalists for the 2023 AEO ICON.

Meet Chrissy, Vice President – Procurement and Transformation and 2023 AEO ICON nominee.

Chrissy has been with AEO for eight years and has shown exceptional leadership and work ethic. She leads the team that supports and negotiates the majority of contracts used at AEO, along with all AEO travel and accounts payable. Some of the larger more interesting projects her team works on include travel and corporate jet negotiations, payment products, marketing and media agency services, supplies and packaging, store construction, and IT services. Chrissy’s passion and hard work led to material savings in 2023, a company-wide mindset shift around expenses and a new foundation for cost savings.

In addition to the amazing accomplishments she has had at AEO, Chrissy is also a proud mom, serious competitor and a devoted Swiftie. Learn more about Chrissy and who she is beyond AEO below!