AEO ICON Finalist: Kyle, Senior Director – Labor Optimization and Technology

Each year, AEO honors one associate who has achieved significant accomplishments, personifies our values and who has left an indelible impact on our company and people. We are proud to spotlight the top three finalists for the 2023 AEO ICON.

Meet Kyle, Senior Director – Labor Optimization and Technology and 2023 AEO ICON nominee.

Kyle joined the company more than 20 years ago as a store manager in Tennessee. In 2013, he was able to merge his love of numbers and retail when he joined the Finance team at AEO’s corporate campus in Pittsburgh, PA.

Kyle’s strategic leadership and meticulous approach to his work in wage management, payroll optimization, profitability analysis, and workforce management is a tremendous benefit to the company and his team. He has spearheaded multiple transformative initiatives that enhance associate experience and operational efficiency.

As a team player, Kyle turns every stone to get to the best outcome. In addition to the tremendous accomplishments he has had at AEO, Kyle is also a proud dad, five-star host for patio get-togethers and self-taught cheer competition judge.

Learn more about Kyle and who he is beyond AEO below!